We are Growing Together

We are Growing Together

We desire to be a Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered church making Jesus known among us, around us, and beyond us.  The natural outcome of this kind of mission is growth.  Over the past several weeks we have been listening, praying, dreaming, and trusting God.  We want to be sure we are making room in our sanctuary for growth, and that means trying something new. 

So, as a congregation we are embarking on a wonderful experiment. As in all experiments, we remain commited to dialogue, open to feedback, open to trial, error, re-direction and celebration.  

In our Come & Chat Sessions and our surveys we heard clearly that as we grow it is important to our members that we remain unified and connected.  We will be working to be creative as we endeavour to foster smaller groups of connection even as we grow bigger.  We will also be choosing our own special days to come together for combined worship services, the first of which will be scheduled for Easter Sunday, April 1st.  

Here is some information that we would like you to have now.  We hope this will help you move forward in your thinking through of plans and bathing our services in prayer.  We also hope it will help you do what we hope to see everyone do - be invitational!   

Sunday, January 14th, 10am - Making Room Celebration at Oak Bay Highschool, Dave Dunnet Theatre.  Come celebrate with us for a special worship time.  We are making room for everyone - so please spread the word, invite neighbours to join you for a follow up brunch back at your house, offer to pick up a friend.  We are getting ready to invite the community in!

Sunday, January 21st, 9am & 10:45am. Two services begin at Victoria Alliance Church.  Growing together in our mission of making Jesus known.  

Children's programming: Both services will offer children's programs.  At the 9am service, we will run program for kids up to grade 7.  At the 10:45am service we will have programming up to grade 5. 

Sunday, April 1st, 10am Special Combined Service for Easter at Oak Bay Highschool, Dave Dunet Theatre.  We will celebrate the best story ever together!  Come ready to sing, laugh, love, and be drawn into God's presence.  We will have room for the whole community - so lets be sure to invite them over!