Reconnect with who you are and Whose you are.  

Whether you are just beginning your spiritual journey, or you are a seasoned follower of Jesus, we believe you will find a place to connect at Victoria Alliance Church. We encourage you to think about how best to engage with us - because none of us are meant to journey alone.

Online: Subscribe to our website in the email box at the very bottom of the page.  We will send out bi-monthly newsletters to keep you in the know.

Listening: Download one of our message recordings and listen to one of our pastors share from the teachings of the Bible.

Gathering: Our Sunday services are designed to refresh you in the midst of life - reminding you of who you are and Whose you are.  Join us for a Sunday worship service online by clicking the quicklink on the website mainpage. Our chat opens at 10:15am.

Small Group: We have many small group opportunites in our faith community.  Let us help get you connected to one that best suits you.

Serving with others: A great way to feel connected is to serve alongside others.  We have a ministry team waiting for you! Email Pastor Kyla to get connected.

Next Steps: Are you wondering what is next for you? Visit our Next Steps page to see what lies ahead.


Is there something we didn't answer for you?

Drop us a quick email.  We'd love to get you the information you're looking for.