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We are all walking through a period that requires us to find new ways to come together as followers of Jesus. While we do our best from the confines of our own home, let’s be honest - it can feel totally strange to stand in the middle of your living room, hands and voice raised to God, when you're not surrounded by the congregation you are typically with you on a Sunday morning.

That being said, worship through song can be one of the most straightforward, authentic ways of giving glory to God. Here are a few strategies to make home worship feel a little less weird:

1. Take Advantage of Content from Familiar Faces

Leaders from our very own church family are producing musical content during this time and we've made it all available in a Music Archive on our website. Sometimes seeing a familiar face and hearing a familiar voice can lend a sense of comfort that will enable you to let your inhibitions fall away and open your heart to God. Please raise your voice and sing along with our worship team!

2. Read and Pray the Lyrics

Still feeling weird about singing by your lonesome? Why not take a chance to carefully read, meditate upon and pray through the lyrics to your favourite worship and praise songs? The best songs out there, whether hymns, contemporary or other, have a strong theological message in addition to great tunes. Reading through the lyrics deliberately and thoughtfully will lead you to experience the song in a whole new way. Perhaps you’ll open up a whole new way to personally communicate and connect with God.

3. Take it one step, one note, and one word at a time

Remember that the only audience that matters is that which is granted to you by the Father. God knows your heart. He knows your thoughts. He knows your unspoken words. The important part about your worship is to offer it in ‘Spirit and in Truth’(John 4:24) and to the best of your ability at a given moment. Sometimes that means you only have two words, sometimes none at all. At other times the words might not stop flowing. Simply be faithful to God’s call into worship and know that He meets you, no matter the circumstance. Just give it a try, one step at a time. Each step you take will feel a little less weird.  Promise.

God is good, God is faithful.

May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. Num 6:26