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Before our slow start to in-person services, my Sunday mornings had been spent slowly waking up from a long and restful sleep to walking into the living room to begin the weekly online church service. With my green tea in hand, I would bring a big blanket into my living room and relax. 

Previous to our first in-person services, I was nervous to talk to people again. As doors were finally opened back up, I saw people who I had known for my whole childhood. Stepping through the doors again opened my eyes to see how important and valuable our church community is. 

Feeling safe while gathering in the sanctuary again was important for me, and for everybody else who was wanting to bring back past traditions. One of the first things I noticed was that VAC has made in-person church services safe for everybody by carefully arranging the seats so that we are as socially distanced as possible. Above the sanctuary, the balcony is available for extended seating as the lower seats fill up. The balcony will be a safe place for those who are wanting to ease into the new yet familiar environment.  

At the Simple Start Services over the summer, I was encouraged to see that everybody was following our guidelines with respect and care. I love how our church is made up of many volunteers, and people with serving hearts, and I am glad that there are many opportunities to serve around the church to help each other grow as a church family.  

With the pandemic still around, I was feeling cautious. I didn’t want to take risks, and VAC has done an amazing job of making me feel safe, and still able to enjoy other people's company.  As church is slowly moving back to in-person services, I believe that this gives us the chance to get to know each other better and be there to help carry our weight and struggles together as a community.  

I am looking forward to what God has planned for our church’s future. I trust that this is an opportunity to grow and start new together.    

Alem Kuhn