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You know that beautiful time in the morning, when you're kind of half awake and half asleep? Recently I was drifting there happily when all of a sudden I found myself wondering “Do you eat Tiramisu with a fork or a spoon?” Honestly, this is how my brain is wired.

After much consideration given to this query, it suddenly hit me just what a silly question this actually was. Not for just the obvious reason that its rather trivial indeed, but because I was asking the wrong question all together. I should have been asking about where I can get some good Tiramisu!?!

In the first chapter of Acts, Jesus has just revealed his plan to unleash on his followers a baptism, not like John's with water, but a baptism of the Holy Spirit. I can think of a few wonderfully right questions to ask in that moment. However, like we so often do ourselves, the disciples got it wrong. Some questions really are silly.

I wonder, amid a pandemic, financial crisis, isolation, and growing emotional unease, what could be the right question for us to be asking of Jesus? Where would God direct our wondering?

For me, in the midst of all that is unfolding across our globe, I sense that the right question God is moving me to ask is “How do I stay on mission?” I wonder if you might consider that question with me too.

How do we stay on mission in this season?

  1. We commit to being grown deeper in our faith. This is to be a season of waiting, of being still, of letting the work of God send our roots down into deeper soils, providing stability for when storm winds blow or growth spurts occur. It may be a time when we are not able to feel the buzz and energy of the gathered body of Christ, but it most certainly is here that we can discover intimacy with Christ Himself. It is quiet, personal, and filled with small delights – the sound of birds chirping – the warmth of a sun-ray – the sound of laughter – all sacred in the season of waiting.
  2. We let the Spirit lead in power. The disciples sought to understand what was coming next, politically, as a way by which they might control their circumstances. Instead, God promises that they will receive power when the Spirit comes, that they might see the world transformed. Similarly, today, we are invited into a season of surrender to the Holy Spirit. In such a season we trade our need for control for the experience of God's perfect power. We exchange human knowledge for godly wisdom.
  3. We accept that our role is to be Christ's witness. We witness in this season to the selflessness of Jesus. We are to be Christ's witnesses through the loving act of serving others. Be a witness through sacrificial and unwarranted acts of generosity. Give witness through the inexplicable joy and peace bearing fruit in your life. This is a season of witness. God's power on display in your life. Love your neighbours with bids of connection at the curbside. Love your neighbours with a friendly phone call. Love your neighbours as you bless them in your prayers. This season of witness could be just as easily become a season of “with-ness.” While we may not be physically present, we can stay on mission as we hold others in our hearts and pour into those relationships a taste of Christ himself.

Join me in asking God to direct our wondering. As we do, we should be prepared for Him to surpass all our expectations.

God, what is the right question for this season? For this season of waiting, this season of surrender, this season of witness? We will wait expectantly for you. Amen.

This post has been extracted from a message given by Pastor Kyla Ward on May 3rd, 2020.  Click here to listen to the full service.