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In Christian churches around the globe, this week marks the entrance into an intentionally slowed season of preparation that culminates in Holy Week through the powerful story of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection.  It is my experience that many folks are more interested in skipping over the preparation and run right for the Easter celebration.   I wonder what gifts we might encounter as a group of Jesus' disciples if we entered this season with a more intentional approach?

Below is a list of ideas, certainly not exhaustive, meant to encourage you to explore what this season of Lent might open for you.  The hope is simply that it may nudge you to engage with the Spirit and be drawn ever more close to the heart of Jesus.  

  1. Claim Margin by temporarily pausing some activity.

    Lent is an opportunity to create space, that you might connect more richly with God. Let the Spirit lead you to think upon an activity you might suspend for the season of Lent.

  2. Embrace 3mph living by ruthlessly guarding your schedule and pace.

    Lent is an opportunity to slow your pace to better keep in step with the leading of the Spirit. How might you reduce the habit of hurry through this season?

  3. Nurture Silence and listen for God's first word.

    Lent is an opportunity to engage with the ancient practice of silence. Even in your prayer times, rest quietly in God's presence until the Spirit speaks to you. If you hear nothing, thats ok. You are learning to wait on God.

  4. Observe Sabbath Rest and discover you are not defined by what you do.

    Lent is an opportunity to be reminded that you are from dust, and to dust you will return - and God still loves you! You can rest. You are more than your productivity.

  5. Practice secret generosity and allow God to help release you from the idol of self.

    Lent is an opportunity to become better aware of the needs of others and to share what gifts we have to offer without reciprocity. It is a season where the roots of gratitude are grown in the dark.

  6. Try something new and allow God to meet you there.

    Lent is an opportunity to be set free from the patterns of our daily grind. Instead of reading the Bible, listen to an audio version. Instead of watching tv, try bird watching. Instead of making dinner for your family, include a newcomer at your table. Let God meet you in the disruptions of your routines.

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