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This year it feels as though everywhere we look in our world we see brokenness and hurt. We see wounded souls, forgotten children, plunging economies, hopeless peoples, and a virus that seems to be winning the day. Walking in our own shoes is no easy task either. We don't have to even look beyond or own hearts to find such heaviness and distress. I think its safe to say that most people are sensing in themselves a need for some kind of a rescue.

It is no coincidence that even before this year's turn of events, the largest movie franchise of all time centers around the heroes of the Marvel Universe. We are all desperate for a hero. We cast about our loyalties, searching for a hero. We emulate the heroes of fable, in hopes of becoming the one hero we need.

It is my belief that many folks in 2020 have had to come to terms with a difficult reality – we do not control outcomes. It is a great disappointment to learn that we are not the hero of our own stories. Greater disappointment still is that no matter how hard we look, no other hero is to be found among us.

It is in this place of new awareness to our human limitations, to our brokenness, to our sinfulness, to our foolishness – it is in this clarifying moment that we may just be able to see the truth; we cry out for all kinds of things, but what we really need is a saviour.

For the christian, Jesus Christ is the saviour we all need.

Even on the most difficult of days, I feel comfortable sharing with you that Jesus Christ is my saviour. I can attest that He has demonstrated Himself to be all I need, and all I need. He is active, He is good, and He is with me always. He is the One Hope to whom I cling.

We cry out for strong leadership, but what we really need is a saviour.

We cry out for healing, but what we really need is a saviour.

We cry out for racial justice, but what we really need is a saviour.

We cry out for a hero, but what we really need is a saviour.

We cry out for hope in a better way – but it all comes as a gift to us through our saviour.

Jesus Christ, is the same today, as He is everyday – He is the saviour we need. More significantly, Jesus is the saviour you need.  That may feel forward and bold of me to say - but please consider the invitation anyway.

Trust Jesus to be the lens through which you view your story and every story.

Trust Jesus now with the heavy things you're carrying around.

Trust Jesus now to be active and good.

Trust Jesus to be all you need.

Trust Jesus to hold your every outcome in His hands.

He is so much more than a hero.

Trust Jesus to be your saviour.

If you want to trust Jesus today, here is a simple prayer to get you started: “Jesus, You are my saviour. I trust You.”

If you have more questions about how to trust Jesus, check out our Next Steps section.

This post is an excerpt from a message given by Pastor Kyla Ward on June 28, 2020. You can listen to the full service here.