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Every time Jesus asked a disciple to follow him, the next steps were obvious – they put one foot in front of the other and physically followed Jesus around.

At Victoria Alliance Church we talk often about taking the next step of faith. There is nothing magical or mystical about this process of discipleship. It looks the same today as it did when Jesus said “come follow me."  Discipleship is the simple act of following Jesus. Today, however, we need to imagine where it is His footsteps are leading us.

Here are some helpful steps we have imagined Jesus inviting you to take as you begin to follow Him:

Step One: Introduce Yourself

Let yourself be known to the others who are also following Jesus. Making the initial move to reach out and introduce yourself to the person on the other side of a chat room at church may feel awkward, still do it anyway. The life Jesus invites us to is not lived out in isolation, rather it is practiced in community with others. Community begins with “hello, my name is...” Try taking that first step.

Step Two: Get to Know Other Disciples

Along the same lines, but just a little further along, is the move to open yourself up to others who are following Jesus. Up your game and initiate some connections with others in the faith community. This can look like going for a coffee. Inviting someone over for a simple backyard meal. Play a board game, even if its just over Zoom. Make time to listen and really hear the heart of others. Discover what they are discovering about Jesus. Wonder with them about the things they are wondering about. Begin to do life together.

Step Three: Walk With a Faith Community

If you've been dabbling on the outskirts, its time to move toward the center. This can look like regular attendance at a worship service, perhaps even joining in with a team of others who serve. A great way to walk out community is through involvement in a small group that meets regularly. Walking with a faith community will not happen by accident. This step involves making the space, adjusting your pace, and tuning into what is happening around you – and then stepping in.

Step Four: Get on Mission

At Victoria Alliance Church we long to be a community on mission to make Jesus known among us, around us, beyond us. A wonderfully significant step can be to join us in helping out. Living a life on mission can look like serving on a ministry team, giving generously, learning to share your story of faith with others, or simply inviting a friend to join you for a church event or service.

The Most Important Step: Trust Jesus

Simply put, followers of Jesus trust Jesus to be the forgiver and leader in their life. Following Jesus involves trusting Him to be enough for you, to take care of the brokenness you experience and have caused, and to say yes to His leading day to day. Have you trusted Jesus to be your forgiver and leader?

You can talk with God anytime, anywhere. Right now is just fine. Let Jesus know you trust Him. Ask for His forgiveness. Welcome His leading.

This is what following Jesus looks like.

It would be our honour to assist you in taking any of these steps of faith, please simply ask. You can find more information here.