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Recently we have been celebrating the vibrant volunteer culture in our faith family. 

We asked a few of our volunteers to share some of their experiences, in hopes that we might better understand the heart of those who serve.

Meet Ethan Vaughan

Q: What ways do you volunteer in our faith family?

A: Youth, Worship, Face-level hugs

Q: What is your favourite part of your service?

A: The opening music set (the first songs of each Sunday morning).

Q: Do you serve alongside others?

A: Many! It’s always inspiring to see the diversity of skills exemplified by our volunteers (both music and Youth)

Q: What skills have you gained or what lessons have you learned while serving?

A: A great deal of live-music experience. Also, I’m getting a lot better at public prayer and speaking by doing Youth. Don’t know if I’d call that skill “gained” quite yet. I'm growing in authenticity when sharing faith. Instead of trying to believe what you say, say what you believe! It’s a lot easier to connect when speaking if you believe what you’re saying.

Q: What might others find surprising about the role you play in our faith family?

A: I spend at least twice the time leading/preparing for youth than I do volunteering for worship.

No matter what happens to you in this life, nobody can take away the impact you’ve had on others through service.

Q: Would you recommend volunteering to others?

A: Yes. Service is an inalienable achievement, and one of the few that actually matter. No matter what happens to you in this life, nobody can take away the impact you’ve had on others through service.

Q: What is your favourite book?

A: The Time Machine - H.G. Wells

Q:What is your favourite movie?

A: Tough choice… The Dark Knight, or LOTR Return of the King

Q: What is your favourite activity?

A: Coding or Listening to/Playing/Writing/Programming Music

Q: What is your favourite food?

A: Ultimate Meatball Sandwich from Italian Food Imports, or El Gordo Carne Asada/Veggie Rajas Burrito from La Taquisa

Q: Where do you dream of travelling?

A: Patagonia

Q: What do you find encouraging?

A: The talents and discipline of others. I find much of my strength in the example set for me by great men and women. Some notable personal heroes in our congregation include Don Olsen, Kathy Alexander, Marcello Sequeira, Buck Perrin, Ed and Val Robertson. These people, and many others in our midst, have illustrated a sacrificial dedication to their craft/discipline without betraying their familial responsibilities or relationship with Christ. I consider this the pinnacle of earthly achievement. As both a leader-by-example and a follower-by-example, this goes much further than any sermon, workshop, church meeting, or verbal communication of any kind ever could.

You were made to be an encouragement to others too!  Service is one of the ways we demonstrate the love of God to those in our faith family.  Interested in getting connected to a ministry? Email Pastor Kyla today.