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I recently attended a wedding at our church.  It was a truly joyous occasion made all the sweeter by the many friends and family in the room celebrating together.

On the night before the wedding, illness struck a few key members of the wedding party. That was not a joyous moment. Even though illness is a completely understandable reason to miss a wedding, the ill invitees were not looking to be excused from their obligation to attend.  These wedding guests knew that blessing was not found merely in having an invitation to put in your scrap book.  Blessing would be experienced in the room together – celebrating, worshiping, loving one another in the presence of one another.

I saw what it looks like to understand the blessing of presence that day.  I saw it as the Maid of Honour pulled herself out of bed, bucket in hand, and sat in the balcony to ensure she would not miss even a moment of the Bride and Groom's joy. Nothing was going to keep her away. The invitation was not the prize.  Knowing that she was with them – that was the treasure. And I saw the look on the face of the Bride when she heard that her sister, her Maid of Honour, was able to be in the room. For the record, it was exactly what I imagine blessing looks like.

Likewise, you and I are invited to be blessed, truly blessed with the presence of God. It is not a promise of an easy life. It is, in fact, quite likely an assurance that all the harshness and difficulties of life will still touch upon yours. But here is the prize: You are never to be alone. You are invited to be blessed with the companionship of Christ.

Today is the day to RSVP. Whatever excuses you've been making – they do not measure up to joy of Christ's presence – He is the real blessing.


This article is an excerpt from Pastor Kyla's recent message "#Blessed?" which you can listen to in full here.