As part of our vision to see children grow into life-long followers of Jesus, we want to be sure to include kids of all ages and stages into the worshipping life of our faith family.  Each Sunday morning, we begin all together in our sanctuary for about 25 minutes of worship time. We offer Fam-Jam programming at that point for children 18months and up to grade 4, with our many teens and young adults enjoying the whole service in the sanctuary.  Babes in arms are always a welcome sight in our sanctuary.

Parents of very young kids will find "quiet bags" at the back of the sanctuary to help the youngest feel included - but don't worry if your kids aren't exactly quiet - we welcome them completely.

Once a month we offer a special M:567 program at the 10:45 service.  This mealtime program for the middle years group is an awesome place to deepen friendships and faith together.  You can find more information on the m:567 schedule and program here.

Three or four Sundays in the year we participate in Church Family Sundays.  On these mornings we create a special service where, regardless of age, every one of God's family are encouraged to fully participate in the somewhat shorter worship service.  These are significant moments that provide strong memories for children in our corporate worship experience - memories we trust will last their lifetime.