Growing in Jesus is an ongoing process.  One of the best ways you can see your trust in God grow is to spend time in God's Word, the Bible.  We encourage you to participate in one of our 6  ways to Thirty daily Bible reading plans. This year we've put together 6 MORE unique reading plans for folks of all ages and stages. Each plan is designed for 30 days of reading – no need for perfection - just progress, so if you take a day off hear or there, no biggie. What is important is that over time you begin to develop the pattern of daily Bible reading.  Choose one way, or jump from plan to plan – the only requirement is that you open a Bible and read! Ready? Set? 6 ways to Thirty starts today!

Here is a description of each of the reading plans.  Download the files from the bottom of this page.

6 ways to Thirty reading plans:

One: A plan that centers on the life of Jesus recounted throughout all 4 gospels 

Two: A plan that invites you to reflect on a daily theme as you read your way through the Psalms 

Three: A plan that simply reads a chapter a day in the book of Proverbs 

Four: Designed specifically for children, daily readings are from the Jesus Storybook Bible 

Five: A chapter each day in the Gospel of Matthew leads you through the gospel in 30 days 

Six: Choose your own way! A blank tracking sheet – you write in what you read for 30 days! 

One More: A plan that will lead you through 30 of the least heard stories in the Bible – fascinating! 

Two More: This plan leads you through the entire New Testament in 30 days – for avid readers. 

Three More: This plan takes you through an overview of the entire Biblical narrative in just 30 days. 

Four More: A plan for those new to the Christian faith or those wanting to revisit the basics. 

Five More: We've added another Gospel for you – this one takes you through the book of John! 

Six More: This plan invites you to read through the Bible using three bookmarks – OT, NT and Pslams!