So you finished your Alpha program... now what?  

We know you will agree with us that completing Alpha is not an end - really it is just the beginning.  Allow us to suggest a few really powerful next steps that will help you keep moving ahead in your journey of faith.

  1. Join a Small Group. While a lot of information can be passed along through books, messages, worship services, etc. for most people true life change happens best in the context of community.  Small groups offer us the safety of being real, and in that protective environment we are able to walk out the new direction and relationship we are hearing God lead us on toward.  If you want to get the most out of life in Christian community - join a small group today.
  2. Try a Trained Up Course. Trained up is a new online video-based learning platform that we are hoping will be an accessible way for you to continue your learning around the Christian Faith.  We have launched three courses on our Trained Up site that anyone is welcome to participate in, but are in particular great for Alpha grads.  You simply create an account and jump on in.  Be sure to answer the questions associated with each module video in order to get the most out of Trained Up courses.  New Believers Course here.   Next Step Course here.    How to read the Bible Course here.
  3. Spend time with God. The truth is you won't make time, even for things you value, unless you do it in advance.  So begin today by scheduling in times in your calendar to connect with God.  Determine a time of day that you could use to read the Bible.  Set aside moments that you will practice prayer as an outflow of your relationship with God.  Find a weekly worship service that you are able to attend so you can be encouraged by others in the faith, and so you may serve as an encouragement to others.  Making time most often happens when we set time aside - make that your next step today.
  4. Find a place to serve. For many people the way they feel most connected in the Christian Faith community is through service.  Service opportunities are not always convenient.  They are not always what we enjoy (though often they are very enjoyable).  Service is not always the first thing you jump up wanting to do in a day, and often they require re-arranging our schedules to accomodate.  However, service is a very practical step you can take to be more like Jesus, who came not to be served, but to serve. Service will grow you in your faith and trust of Jesus.  If you are interested in getting connected to a service opportunity, let us know today so we can get you started.