Would you or someone you know benefit from being able to give counselling a try?

During times like this Victoria Alliance Church continues to believe in the power of counselling services for everyone, and this is why we are so excited about helping people get easily and quickly connected with quality care. 

You might benefit from professional counselling if:

  • you're experiencing a sudden influx of mood swings
  • you're dealing with sudden change
  • you feel a loss of control
  • you're feeling isolated or alone
  • you're having harmful thoughts
  • you're withdrawing from things which used to bring you joy
  • you suspect you're dealing with an undiagnosed mental illness such as anxiety or depression
  • you feel like your relationships are strained (family, spouse, friends, dating)
  • you need an outlet outside of your family/close friends to process
  • you are using substances to cope with life
  • you just feel like you need to talk to someone

Here's how it works:

1. Scroll down and fill out the form below. After receiving your request our office will immediately refer you to our partner Arbour Counselling via email and give you instructions to book your session. That's it! 

2. If you require financial assistance beyond your first session, it is available. We will include the details of this bursary in our email to you with the details about booking your first session. It will be up to you whether you'd like to opt-in to this financial assistance.


Fill out the contact form below to request a referral today! We can't wait to assist you with access to the care you need.

Know that all applications submitted below are completely confidential. Information submitted below will ONLY be used for the purpose of referring you to Arbour Counselling for a free session. 


If you would like to support this initiative, please consider contributing to the Barnabas Fund. Simply use any of our ways to give and designate your gift "Barnabas Fund." 

Counselling Referral Form

Fill out the form below and we'll connect you with Arbour Counselling - your first session is completely free! Note that all information you submit is protected and completely confidential.

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