We are learning as a faith community that when Jesus tells us that we are salt and light - He is telling us that we are salt and light for the whole world, not just for Victoria.  One of the best ways we can fulfill our mission of making Jesus known beyond us is through our support of the Global Advance Fund (GAF).

Around the globe Alliance workers are active in everything from building the local church to increasing educational opportunities, from helping people gain access to clean water to advocating for the marginalized. The Global Advance Fund is the primary means of providing for our Alliance workers. Each worker's cost of living in the country where he or she serves comes from this fund.

While we encourage our community to generously support the work of the GAF financially, we also have experienced the joy that comes from being connected in consistent prayer.

Please pray for all the International Workers, and the following in particular, that Victoria Alliance is connected with:

David & Patti Ens in Cambodia

Lorne & Kathy-Lu White in Taiwan

Don & Betty Orr on home assignment in Canada

Ralph & Ruth Shareski in Germany

Katie Bowler in Senegal

Please watch this update from the Desert Sand team in West Africa.

Desert Sand (Richard): Story 1 from C&MA in Canada on Vimeo.