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Many of you have been praying for our dear friend Zelda and her loved ones since hearing the news that she was unwell a number of weeks ago. It is with both sadness and joy that I share with you, our church family, that last Tuesday morning, March 30th, Zelda went to be with Jesus. Here is what Zelda's daughter Robyn shared with us:

Zelda’s daughter Robyn was with her mother Zelda last Tuesday morning. She said to her mom, “it’s time to go.” Zelda immediately opened her eyes and starred intensely at Robyn. Robyn said to her “you have seen Betty, Irene, your family and Pastor Rob – it is time to go.” Zelda closed her eyes and passed into God’s presence.

I am happy that I was able to spend some time with Zelda a few days prior to her passing. We are thankful for the life of Zelda. She will be remembered for her love of God, and her love of her church. Zelda will also be remembered by her friends for enjoying a good chocolate bar (always sharing half of it), for asking about the church and for the request she had for all who visited her: “tell me something good.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Zelda’s family during this time of grieving. In our mind’s eye we can see Jesus greeting His loved one Zelda with His arms open wide saying, "welcome home my beloved."

-Pastor Rob