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We want to take a moment to say thank you to our church community as we navigate changes in best practices around Covid-19. We are working together to keep everyone safe, and it is beautiful to see! 

We have received this week's update from Dr. Bonnie Henry and updated recommendations from our District Office. We are grateful to announce that our slow and careful approach has us already practicing the latest recommendations for places of worship.

We plan to continue to partner with our community by doing what we've been doing all along: wearing masks and social distancing at all in-person gatherings, washing or sanitizing our hands, and keeping common touch areas clean. 

This means that for now, nothing is changing for in-person gatherings at VAC. We will keep you posted about plans for September and any changes that may come up as we navigate the coming weeks. 

We are all in this together - thank you for joining us on mission by keeping our community safe and loved.