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June 15, 2021

My name is Howard Jolly, I am the Director of the First Nations Alliance Churches of Canada (FNACC).
FNACC deeply grieves the discovery of 215 children’s bodies on the site of the former Kamloops Residential School in B.C. Our hearts go out to the families, the communities of these children, and to all First Nations people across Canada. To consider what these children, their parents, and their communities endured is overwhelming. We lament the loss of these children and the loss of their families and relatives. To the families and people of the 215 we want you to know that we weep with you and for you.
Our desire is to honour the ‘215’. I went to the Horden Hall Residential School in Moose Factory Ontario for 6-plus years. My siblings and my dad attended the same Residential School.

The Residential School system is a permanent stain on Canada. As a First Nations entity, the FNACC are committed to ‘Truth and Reconciliation’. Jesus calls His followers to be ministers of reconciliation.
This statement respectfully focuses on the 215. We believe Jesus loves little children. In His earthly ministry He desired their presence. He longed to hold them when they were alone and now holds them to close to His heart. He upholds their cause and innocence. We believe these 215 children are with Him.
Howard Jolly
Director, First Nations Alliance Churches of Canada