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For sure the panemic will go down as a world-altering year in history.  Still, with all the change and upheaval, one of our key strategies for being on mission to make Jesus known has remained solid: small groups. It shouldn't surprise anyone, but we've identified a significant correlation between people who have stayed strongly connected and engaged in the minsitry at Victoria Alliance Church through the last 10 months with their involvement in a small group. 

Small groups are not rocket science.  They are just as simple as their name - any group that is small in nature.  It might be a service group, a Graceland cohort, a weekly Bible Study, or even a prayer connection.  We try not to put too many limits on the kind of small groups we include.  Instead we want to keep our focus on connecting as many folks as possible to some kind of small group. 

Community defined as Godly relationship marked by inclusion, diversity, and unity is one of our church's core values, and is a driving factor in why we want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to get truly connected.  We believe that life change happens in the midst of community - and community is best supported through a system of small groups.  

If you are not yet a part of a small group within our church community, please let us help to get you connected by taking the next simple steps:

  1. let us know you are interested in a small group
  2. work with us to find a suitable option (many of our small groups are still meeting online through the winter. We can help get you connected!)
  3. give it a try by showing up

When Jesus began his ministry the first thing He did was establish community with a small group of followers.  We think he was definitely on to something. This small step can make a BIG difference.  Join a small group today.