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For today's #ThoughtfulThursday post, we're sharing the latest staticstics on Women's Mental Health in BC. We have seen the effects of this research first hand in our own community.

On a good day, I (Pastor Bekah) am energized and excited about all the work I get to do for my community. That's Me. But #AlsoMe is struggling to get out of bed some mornings, wishing I could visit my parents, and missing going for dinner with friends. 

It's okay to not be okay. 

If you know of anyone struggling right now, there are resources available! We have a no-questions-asked confidential referral system to connect you to a counsellor, and financial assistance is available

Here are some statistics from the BC Womens Health Foundation:

  • Two thirds of women that are essential workers are experiencing worry, anxiety or stress, and two in five are experiencing depression. 
  • Women’s mental health has been heavily impacted by the pandemic: 63% of younger women (those aged 35 and under) and 37% of women aged over 35 reported feeling worry, anxiety or stress.
  • Indigenous women and those from a minority community are more inclined to rate their emotional health poorly (27 per cent and 35 per cent more likely respectively) since the beginning of the pandemic.
  • Concerns regarding finances and job security has resulted in nearly half (44 per cent) of women stating their health has been affected in some way.

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