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This past Monday night our church Board met to discuss and approve a new Covid-19 Protocol Policy.

The rationale behind this move is this: while the provincial government has extended special consideration to local churches with regard to lifting restrictions, there are many best practices that have been suggested. The PHO has granted local churches a great deal of latitude with the understanding that each community will take seriously the call to have their health and safety practices and policies reflect the needs and expectations of their local community.  

We first want to acknowledge that not everyone will agree with one another on these matters. True community means that we will be walking beside a diverse group of people with a wide range of ideas and needs represented. We thank you for your prayers for wisdom, and we pray that our whole community will be able to feel the heart behind our policies. We trust that all will remain committed to peaceable relations, learning together what it might look like to disagree yet not become disagreeable.

A top priority for our leadership has been to ensure inclusion. To this end, please know that we remain committed to providing online worship services and zoom small group gatherings as options for you and your household throughout the time this policy remains in place. 

Paired with inclusion is our priority of safety for all. This includes attendees and our volunteers who are on the front lines of connecting with folks in our worship and small group settings. This value of a safe community has led us to adopt new requirements for our team at this time.  

Please take a few moments now to become familiar with the summary of our new policy and the way it may shape your preparations to attend a worship service or a group gathering/meeting. If you have any questions we would be happy to connect. You can reach out to our church office for more information.