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After working in their current roles for four years, The Board joins Pastor Rob and Pastor Kyla in a desire to more accurately reflect the true nature of their roles, with special consideration given to becoming more honest and honouring of the spiritual leadership Pastor Kyla offers to our community.

Our rationale is multi-layered, but our heart is to more fully release the gifts of each of our pastors so that they might best serve our community. As a result, we are happy to announce that we are embracing this season of ministry at Victoria Alliance Church through a collaborative Lead team model, where both Pastor Rob and Pastor Kyla hold the position and title of Lead Pastor.

With that in mind, at our most recent Board meeting the following motion was approved:

    • That the Board, desiring to be both honest and honouring of the roles our pastoral team have within our faith community, adopt for this next season in ministry that Pastor Rob and Pastor Kyla will work in a collaborative model as Lead Pastor and Lead Pastor.


    • That the Board take necessary steps to coordinate with the District and within our own Human Resource processes to extend an offer for the position of Lead Pastor to Rev. Kyla Ward effective January 1, 2022.

We have included the District in our discussions on this journey, and they have been both supportive and helpful. Our District Superintendent, Mark Peters, and Assistant District Superintendent, Erin Knott, will be joining us in the celebration and in the official installation of Pastor Kyla in this new role on Sunday, January 2nd.

We invite you to join us in celebrating this news and praying continually for our pastors as they faithfully serve.

The Victoria Alliance Church Board

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If Pastor Rob and Pastor Kyla have worked collaboratively for the last 4 years, what difference will this bring?

A: While functionally this change may feel primarily symbolic, we've been learning that in a Tov culture it is important that our symbols align with what is true. Additionally, there have been some ways our pastors have had to manage their work with great “creativity” because of the limitations or requirements of their roles. We desire to release them to put all their creativity into their work, rather than into how to do the work.

Q: I've never heard of two Lead Pastors. Who is actually in charge?

A: There are two parts to this question. Let's address the first part first: in our denomination, it is highly unusual to have two Lead Pastors. This is not the first time that Victoria Alliance Church has been known to try new things. However, in reality this is not a new thing at all. The first century church was very familiar with collaborative leadership, and the presence of such a model can be traced throughout all Christendom.

As for the second part of this question, there is a theological answer and a governance answer. Theologically, I think we can all agree that Christ alone leads The Church. While it may seem obvious, it is worth stating and holding up as true still. In terms of governance, the Board of Elders is the highest governance structure in our local expression of the church. Our two Lead Pastors will continue to work with the Board to make wise and thoughtful decisions that both direct and protect our faith community.

Q: Has a woman served as Lead Pastor at Victoria Alliance Church before?

This change in role came about because the Board and Pastors believe it is the best way to faithfully serve our local congregation and to steward the gifts and skills of the leaders God has placed in our midst. We celebrate that first and foremost. Still, it is not lost on the leadership that this decision also moves forward a new day for our local church, our District, and our Alliance Denomination.

Rev. Kyla Ward will become the first woman to serve as Lead Pastor at Victoria Alliance Church, and also the first woman to serve as a Lead Pastor in the Pacific District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. She will also be among only 3 women who serve in the role nationally.

While in our immediate faith community we strive for the gifts of both women and men to be fully released and celebrated, there are moments when the symbolic can open doors of opportunity for others who may not have experienced the same freedoms or opportunities. We are grateful for the privilege and joy of participating in this work for the Glory of God at VAC and our broader Alliance church family.