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We received some news from our National Office this week that we want to pass on to you, our church family.

A little bit of background for those who might be new to our denomination: our church is a part of a denomination called The Alliance (you might be more familiar with our longer name, The Christian and Missionary Alliance).  The Alliance is made up of Districts (ours is the Canadian Pacific District), and has a National Office, a Board of Directors, a President, and a voting body of members (which includes your pastors). 

If you're familiar with this already, you will know that our president since 2012 has been Rev. Dr. David Hearn, who previously served our District Office as a District Superintendent. 

This week, the National Office announced his resignation. You can read more on their website here.

Dave is dearly loved, and will be greatly missed in this role. Please pray with us for Dave, his wife Agnes, and their family as they transition to the next thing God is calling them to. Please pray for the Board of Directors, as they work to find an interim President, and assemble a nominating committee to bring candidates to the membership at the next Assembly this summer. 

Our VAC Board is in prayer with us, and has sent a letter of prayer and encouragement to the Board of Directors of The Alliance Canada.