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Pray with us:


Blessed be our

Blessed be our
and those on call,
and those at home.

Blessed be our
and aids
and assistants.

Blessed be our

For they carry the weight,
the excitement,
and the uncertainty of
"Back to school!"

Weilding school supplies,
and masks,
and food programs for our most vulnerable children,
they serve our students with strength
and courage and grace.

Blessed be our

Bless them with
overflowing patience, 
and the right shoulder to lean on
when they don't feel like they have

Bless them with calm,
when the burden of educating
during a pandemic

threatens to overwhelm.

Bless them with peace that
passes understanding,
and the unending support of their
communities to sustain them.

Blessed be our

God who guides,
encourage us, your Church,
to be a people of blessing.

May we be active participants
in your call to partner with, support
and cheer on

our blessed Educators.