Our mission is to make Jesus known, among us, around us, beyond us.  That's a big task.  But we like to think about being on mission as simply saying "yes" to the next thing you are called to do on the mission.  Not the whole mission - just your next step.  

Here are some ways we believe we collectively can achieve the mission of making Jesus known:

Share your story.  We hope you are experiencing the life-changing presence of Jesus with you.  As we move Christ to the center of our lives, and as we trust more in more in the power of His Spirit - we believe our lives become stories of love, acceptance, grace, and transformation.  Our stories are not meant to be kept to ourselves.  The intersection of Jesus' life with ours is meant to be shared with others.  So who do you know that would be open to hear your story?  Join us on the mission of making Jesus known to your friends, family, neighbours, co-workers. 

Invite a friend.  Most of us don't hesitate to tell a friend about a great new movie we saw, or an awesome restaurant we ate at.  What a great way to step out on mission - simply invite your friend to connect with the church you've been enjoying.  Simple.  Natural.  Significant.  Its never been easier to invite someone to church - they don't even have to leave their home!

Serve on a team.  If you are not already actively involved in a service team, we would like to help connect you.  This is not just so we can accomplish our mission - but it is also because we believe that God often uses our service to grow us in His love.  We want that for you!  Talk to us today about serving at Victoria Alliance.

Give generously.  You are surrounded by generous people at Victoria Alliance Church.  When you contribute financially to our faith community you are supporting our work to make Jesus known to others in the same way Jesus has been made known to you.   

The following giving methods are available now:

  • Online giving with Credit Card now active with RebelGive (click green circle on bottom right hand corner of every page of our website).   
  • You can mail a cheque or series of post-dated cheques to 1792 Townley Street, Victoria, BC, V8R 3A7. 
  • We can also receive funds through etransfer. (email: finance@victoriaalliance.ca, no password required ; you may comment to designate or leave blank for it to go to General Funds.)
  • If you have any questions about other methods of donation, please email our church bookkeeper.


Become a member. Becoming a member of our church has two HUGE benefits.

  1. You will be encouraged.  As a member, you are alligning yourself with the vision and mission of Victoria Alliance in a way that you are bound to find encouraging.  You will experience what it is to be connected in mission with others who desire to make Jesus known - and moreover - you will share in the joy of the success of others - for we are truly knit into one body, and share together in the strides we all make in advancing Jesus' Kingdom.
  2. You will be an encouragement!  When you choose membership in this faith community, your desire to draw alongside others speaks volumes of encouragement to our members.  We are not meant to walk a journey of faith alone - community is a beautiful gift, with the Father's heart all over it!  Your membership is a tangible way that others feel the encouragement of being united in mission with others who seek to make Jesus known!  

Email the church office to arrange for a pastor to connect with you about membership.


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