Jesus is at the center of our church community.  We hope you've become aware of that by now.  What you may not have experienced yet is what it means to have Jesus at the center of your own life.  If that interests you, we are here to help. Here are some next steps you might consider:

Read the Bible.  Okay thats a big book, right?  Well, how about you start by reading the story of Jesus.  We suggest you begin by reading through the Gospel book of John.  

Check out Jesus.  Do you want to know more about who Jesus is? A great next step for anyone pursuing Jesus  is to participate in an Alpha program.  "Alpha" simply translates to "beginnings" and the Alpha program is a place for anyone who is looking to begin their pursuit of who Jesus is.

Follow Jesus. Jesus makes a simple ask of the people He meets - "follow me."  Simply put, following Jesus means trusting Jesus to be the forgiver and leader in your life.  Following Jesus involves trusting Him for your life, to take care of the brokenness you experience and have caused, and to say yes to His leading day to day.  Have you trusted Jesus to be your forgiver and leader? We would be honoured to help you take this next step of faith.  Arrange to connect with one of our Zoom prayer Rooms through our main page Quick links, or contact one of our pastors

Talk with Jesus. Of course, you can talk with God anytime, anywhere.  Right now is just fine too.  Let Jesus know you trust Him. Ask for His forgiveness. Welcome His leading.  This is what following Jesus looks like. 

Get baptized. Baptism is a public expression of the invisible reality that you have put your faith in Jesus.  Nothing magical happens in the water - but this step of following Jesus' example is nonetheless significant.  It is a beautiful picture of how God's story intersects with ours - and a perfect opportunity to share your story of trusting Jesus with others around you. Contact our church office to find out when our next baptism event is scheduled.

Interested in Trusting Jesus? We can help.

Maybe there is a next step you are wanting to take in trusting Jesus.  How can we best encourage you? What step is next for you?