Community is so important to us we've included it as one of our core values: Community - Godly relationship marked by inclusion, diversity, and unity.

Here are some next steps to joining us in community: 

Get connected with a group - we have groups for every age, stage, and walk of life.

Sign up for alpha - The Alpha program is a place for anyone looking to begin their pursuit of who Jesus is. We are making plans now for an online Alpha program, so email us if you're interested! 

Join one of our service teams - We have ministry teams for all kinds - Community Outreach, Guest Services, Music and Tech, Special Events Team, Children's Ministry, Daycamp, Facility Team, Missions Ministry - to name just a few! To get connected with one of our ministry teams for a trial run, email the church office today .

Explore our many ministries - Click here to go to our ministries page. See something that interests you? Let us know where we can help connect you.

Ready to share the community you've found with those around you? Join us on mission!