Our mission is to make Jesus known among us, around us, and beyond us. We like to think about being on mission as simply saying "yes" to the next thing you feel called by Jesus to do.

Share your story - The intersection of Jesus' life with ours is meant to be shared with others. Join us on the mission of making Jesus known to your friends, family, neighbours, co-workers.

Bring a friend - A great way to step out on mission - invite your friend to connect with the church you've been enjoying. Simple. Natural. Significant.

Give generously- When you contribute financially to our faith community, you support our work to make Jesus known to others in the same way Jesus has been made known to you. For ways to give, click here. 

Become a member - Becoming a member of our church has two HUGE benefits: you will be encouraged, and you will be an encouragement to others. Click here for a more in-depth description of why you should become a member and how you can do it.

At every step, what is most important is trusting Jesus. Head to our final step for practical ways to do just that!