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When Gord was 16 years old he needed some more time practicing driving, so he agreed to drive his mom to a blood clinic so that she could donate. It was something she did from time to time, and because he was there anyway Gord decided to donate too. He fainted in the process, enough to surely scare anyone off from future donations. That was 34 years ago.

This past month Gord Wright, whom I am so pleased to count among my close friends, donated blood for his 150th time. He regularly takes an hour out of his very busy work schedule as he travels throughout the lower mainland and sits in a less than luxurious bed, eating storebought cookies, drinking juice, sporting a smile while a syringe drains his offering. He absolutely embodies the Canadian Blood Service's ethos and their slogan too – it is in you to give.


As we have been talking over the past several weeks about how we are designed to love, I have been struck by the truth that we are, as Genesis teaches, made in the image of God. We carry the imprint on our lives of the One who gave all to pursue a loving relationship with us – so is it any wonder then, that people like Gord are also among us. What I love about Gord is he lives out his faith in a manner that makes Jesus seeable to others.

We are designed to love – and love will always be found pouring out into the lives of others. Love will surrender position, sacrifice possessions, and selflessly give whatever it has in every situation.

Love in us is in us to give.


This is an excerpt from Pastor Kyla's message Oct 21.  Hear the complete teaching here.