As a faith family, we desire to be a place where everyone is able to build memory markers along their journey of life and faith.  Milestones are the ways we as a community can draw alongside others in celebration, support, and acknowledgement of the life of Jesus at work in each of us through various seasons.

Baby Dedication: The welcoming of a child into your family is a significant milestone! For more information about Baby Dedication, please speak to a member of our pastoral staff (listed here).

Faith Decisions: If you have made a decision to trust Jesus, or would like to - we would love to celebrate that milestone with you and encourage you in your next steps.  You are encouraged to come up to meet with one of our prayer ministry team following a Sunday service, or if you prefer, you can reach out to our pastoral staff (listed here).

Baptism: It is our faith family's practice to celebrate the ordinance of full immersion baptism.  This is a physical experience of a spiritual reality - that we have completely surrendered ourselves to the life, death, and resurrection power of Jesus.  We have several opportunities for outdoor baptisms throughout our year, and as well, we typically celebrate baptisms within our Sunday morning services upon request.  If you are ready to follow Jesus in baptism, please speak with one of our pastoral staff (listed here). 

Church Membership: Becoming a member of our church has two HUGE benefits!

  1. You will be encouraged.  As a member, you are aligning yourself with the vision and mission of Victoria Alliance Church in a way that you are bound to find encouraging. You will experience what it is to be connected in mission with others who desire to make Jesus known - and moreover - you will share in the joy of the success of others - for we are truly knit into one body, and share together in the strides we all make in advancing Jesus' Kingdom.

  2. You will be an encouragement!  When you choose membership in this faith community, your desire to draw alongside others speaks volumes of encouragement to our members.  We are not meant to walk a journey of faith alone - community is a beautiful gift, with the Father's heart all over it!  Your membership is a tangible way that others feel the encouragement of being united in mission with others who seek to make Jesus known!  

Please speak with Pastor Rob Olsen for more information on this important milestone, or email him today.

Weddings: What a joy it is to walk beside a couple entering into the communion of marriage.  If you are preparing for a wedding, you may have some questions about our facility use and rental.  Please direct all such inquiries to our office through this contact form.  

Premarital Counselling: As you prepare to wed, time developing your relationship and learning some of the important values and practices of couples in satisfying marriages is time well spent.  Please speak to one of our pastoral staff today to arrange for this opportunity. 

End of life spiritual care / Celebrations of Life / Memorials: While this milestone is perhaps one of the more difficult ones to navigate, please know that our faith family desires to draw alongside those who mourn.  If you have need to arrange end of life spiritual care, or to discuss arrangements to gather and remember, please contact our office to arrange for support during this season.