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If you have not had the opportunity to engage with this book yet, I highly recommend it to you.  The idea is simple. Like birds we are trying to tame, we have a tendency to "clip the wings" of the scriptures we read to make them fall in line with our thinking.  What might happen if, instead, we let the scriptures freely shape our hearts and minds?  The read is accessible yet powerful in impact.  It will, I'm sure, give you much to think about as you open the Bible afresh.  

As a bonus, the author Scot McKnight chooses to place his example of this free-flying approach to our sacred texts within the passages often used to limit the role of women in our spiritual communities. The result is an excellent step-by-step examination of the biblical lens that favours egalitarian relationship. If you are new to some of these ideas, Blue Parakeet is a helpful resource to add to your journey. 

Kyla Ward 
Lead Pastor