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As many of you know, I am in the middle of my Ordination process. This is the formal education process by which a pastor is called to ministry by their church community in The Alliance - or most noticeably, the process by which a Pastor receives the title "Reverend." It has been a rich time of learning, reading, and writing alongside my peers so far. 

A part of this process has meant reading books on the history of The Alliance. I have been incredibly inspired by Barbara L. Howe's book Forgotten Voices: Women in Ministry in the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Barbara spent years in our official archives housed at Ambrose University and calling eyewitnesses and their descendants to pull together the stories of the women who pioneered many of the Alliance churches in Western Canada, some as early as the 1910s! Our church even makes a brief appearance. 

I hope you enjoy this insight into the history of The Alliance as much as I have! 

Barbara's book is available in print here, and via kindle here.