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Anyone who has ever had to play at a piano recital, give an oral presentation, or step onto a sport court at a critical time in a game knows that confidence is a well valued commodity. Defined as a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities, American self-help writer, Zig Ziglar, describes confidence this way:

Confidence is going after Moby Dick in a rowboat and taking tartar sauce with you.”

Who wouldn't want a little bit more of that?  It sounds like something pretty special.

We may search for more confidence, believing it to be the something special we all need, but the narrative found in 1Kings 18 offers a few insights into the something special God has in mind for us to encounter. (For reference, read 1Kings 18: 1- 39).


1) God's activity begins at the word of God. (1Kings 18:1)

Whereas confidence is rooted in our own skill and activity – the one who seeks God first and learns to wait upon Him may have the privilege of dwelling in the Lord's intimate presence. Just as the Lord's word came to Elijah, may it also, through the Holy Spirit, come to us.


2) Follow the God you follow. (1Kings 18:21)

We will not find the more we are looking for as long as we look to build confidence in a complex plan, or in a process because it is well polished, or well presented. You want to experience something special? Choose God and then follow His lead. Align your agenda with God's agenda. Watch for where the Holy Spirit is stirring up a fire, and make sure you're right there to enjoy it. The something special you long for is the communion found in following the God you were made to follow.


3) Give all honour to God and to embrace a posture of servant-hood. (1Kings 18:36)

The worldly pursuit of confidence would entice us to believe that success comes by dressing up a level, taking a commanding posture or using an authoritative voice. Yet, as we stand up and follow God, in many ways we will be stepping down in position, ensuring that any and all our energies direct to one pursuit only – to give God glory. In this way the world will know that God is truly our something special. All our confidence is found in Him alone.


This post is an excerpt from a message given by Pastor Kyla on November 10, 2019.  You can stream or download the full recording here.