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I have been accused in the past of being a Tupperware Evangelist. 

It is true that I have an abundance of the iconic plastic containers in my home. My cupboards have been “Tupped” which is the expression given to folks who have all their spices and goods in these well-sealed food storage keepers. 

I like how it feels when I look at my organized cupboard. I like knowing that everything has a place and everything is in its place. I get teased for it, I know – but I don't care. Being organized has its benefits.

When I have my cupboards organized I enjoy cooking more – I feel confident that I can find the ingredient I'm looking for and that it will be fresh and well supplied.

When I have my cupboards organized I am more likely to share the experience of cooking with others. When I know where things are, and have them well labeled, it makes it easy to involve other people in the process of preparing a meal or in making a batch of cookies.

When I have my cupboards organized I know that I'm always prepared for our next meal. Whether it is a full 3 course meal I've planned for a week, or a spur of the moment drop in guest that I need to feed – when my cupboards are organized I am ready to go with or without notice.

I don't blame you if you want to join in with those who tease me and my fascination with all things “Tupper,” but perhaps I could invite you to consider with me the similarities of having organized cupboards and having spent some advance planning time to organize our own Jesus story to share.

Consider with me the similarities of having organized cupboards and having spent some advance planning time to organize our own Jesus story.

When we are prepared, when we have thought it through, when we have our Jesus story well organized – we transform the “tell me your story” moments from being paralyzing and ineffective, to being really enjoyable. You will find yourself looking for more opportunities to be “put on the spot” as it were.

As you organize your story well, you can learn to access it and apply it to many different situations. This will make it easier for you to connect with others as they share their life with you. You will find yourself more able to connect your story with the story of others you are in conversation with.

Finally, when you have your own Jesus story well organized, perhaps the biggest benefit is that you will be prepared no matter when and where you are going to share it. Whether you are asked to share your testimony at an event with lots of lead time to think it through, or if you are put on the spot by someone riding a bus with you and is getting off at the next stop in 30 seconds. When your story is organized, you are prepared for any scenario.

So how can we organize our Jesus story? It is as simple as Then + Now ?

The above is an exerpt from a message given April 15, 2018. Listen to the full recording of Pastor Kyla's message here and explore the “Then + Now ?” model for storytelling.