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If Lectio Divina is the practice of “divine reading”, Visio Divina is a practice of “divine seeing”: allowing God to speak to us through a meditative moment with an art piece.

Throughout the weeks of Advent, we will offer an art piece for your advent practice. You might find yourself coming back to the image throughout the day, you might spend half an hour in contemplation, or you might have 10 minutes to allow the image to settle your spirit before you jump back into your day. 

This week's theme is "Hope" and the image we've chosen for reflection is Nativity by Carol Aust

The below is one way to practice it, based on a teaching from Pastor Kyla, but find what works for you:

A painting of the nativity. Mary holds baby Jesus up for all to see, he is bathed in golden light that washes over everyone present: Mary, Joseph, the wise men, the midwives, the shepherds, and the animals.

  1. Divine Seeing: gaze at the whole image. Notice your breathing; take a deep breath. Take in the image giving space and time for it to speak to you.

  2. Reflection: notice what the image brings forward for you, or how it connects with the theme of Hope. A few questions you could use to reflect:

    1. How do you feel looking at the image? 

    2. If you had to describe the image in a sentence or two silently to yourself, what would you say? 

    3. If you were in the image, where would you place yourself? 

    4. Does a name for God arise for you from this image?

  3. Prayer: with or without words, move your thoughts to a conversation with God.

  4. Rest: return to your breathing. Pause, rest, and receive.

  5. Expression & Action: journal, speak out loud, or share with a friend what has come up for you through this practice. What action might come out of your time with this image?