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Recently we have been celebrating the vibrant volunteer culture in our faith family. Some volunteers we see in up front positions. Some people serve very much behind the scenes. Some serve on a regular weekly basis, while others serve in big spurts for a season. However one serves, all are called to fulfill their purpose in a way that is both encouraging and an encouragement.

We asked a few of our volunteers to share some of their experiences, in hopes that we might better understand the heart of those who serve.

Meet Greg Stone

Q: What ways do you volunteer in our faith family?

A: I am a Greeter, a lawn maintenance man, a coffee “sous chef” helping my wife and a money man (I help count offering occasionally).

Q: What is your favourite part of your service?

A: I enjoy meeting , greeting and getting to know people.

Q: Do you serve alongside others?

A: Yes, I serve alongside my wife when helping with coffee prep and  the ushers when greeting.

Q: What skills have you learned while serving?

A: I learn to listen and take orders when helping my wife (just kidding, sort of). I am learning to humble myself.

Q: Would you recommend volunteering to others?

A: Yes, I recommend volunteering to all of our church family.  It is a great way to connect with others, and to grow in your relationship with God.

Q: What is your favourite activity?

A: My favourite activity is playing and watching sports. I especially enjoy playing pickleball and downhill skiing. I like watching tennis and hockey on T.V.

Q: Where do you dream of travelling?

A: I dream of travelling to a ski resort in the Alps for spring skiing. Maybe one of these years. Sigh.....

 Do you dream of being connected in meaningful service? Email Pastor Kyla today.