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Krista Longeway is a poet and a writer who has been a part of the VAC family since 2018.  She is also a special education teacher and proud mom of two. When she's not writing, she enjoys baking, curling up with a good book, and spending time in her garden. For more of her writing, you can follow her blog at

I find it difficult to put my finger on a clear description of each of the advent principles on which our faith is built: hope, peace, joy, and love.  Yet if we consider each one individually, we can see that Christ embodies each one of them.  Through his greatest act of sacrificial love, Christ died for us.  And in that single act, we were given HOPE for a better life yet to come… for we were given an eternal life spent in the Father’s presence.  In that single act we were shown that PEACE can be accomplished even amidst the most hostile events… for even in the midst of conflict, Christ found a way to bring peace to the world.  In that single act we were shown that JOY can be found even in the most difficult circumstances... for although Christ died and there was great sadness, he rose again on the third day.  In that single act, we were shown that true LOVE is sacrificial… for Christ gave us everything when he gave up his life for us. 

Although we light a candle for each of these things individually, each time we light a candle, we are remembering Christ in the principles we were taught through his teachings and his life’s example.  Christ is hope, Christ is peace, Christ is joy and Christ is love. So we light our final candle in celebration of Christ, our Saviour who gave us the ultimate gift… the gift of eternal life through him.

We Light a Candle

Hope is the light that shines deep within us
When everything else is as dark as night
A belief that despite all circumstance
Things will turn out in a way that is right
We light a candle for Hope 

Peace is the calm that settles over us
A tranquility sent down from above
God’s peace surpasses our understanding
And guides us gently towards acts of love
We light a candle for Peace

Joy is in gratitude for God’s great gifts
In times of happiness and times of sadness
Our greatest joy is in our salvation 
And in following God’s way with gladness
We light a candle for Joy 

Love is beyond a pleasing emotion
And is beyond acting in a kind way
True love is an unconditional gift 
And its a choice we must make every day
We light a candle for Love 

Christ is our greatest hope in the darkness
Christ is the peace that’s sent down from above
Christ is our joy amidst times of sadness
Christ is unending sacrificial love
We light a candle for Christ