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This Sunday, September 17th, we are returning to our regular Children's Ministry Sunday morning programming.  We are so excited to welcome your child(ren) and want to be sure you know what to expect.

Rainbow Room - This program is for children up to Pre-K.   Children will enjoy a welcoming, safe space in which  to discover God and the wonder of community.  There are typically circle time games and songs, a Story,  snack and creation time.   Children will dismiss from the sanctuary, and parents are encouraged to accompany them to their designated room.  Following the service please immediately return to sign out your child.

Please Note: The starting age of Rainbow Room is a bit fluid and dependant on you and your child.  We require all kids in Rainbow Room to be able to sit very well independently, preferably able to walk well.   The best guage is if your child is still happy to remain with you in the service time, we want you to know they are welcome in our sanctuary.  While transitioning your younger child into Rainbow Room, please expect that you may be requested to stay with your child until they feel settled.  Our goal is to make the experience in the Rainbow Room a positive and comforting one for all. 

Graceland  - This program is for children currently in Kindergarten to Grade 5.  There is a family style feel to the worship space, designed to help kids Discover God and explore what God is like - and how trusting God may shape their lives.  In this program we pray, play, hear the stories of God, wonder, and create, all while building community with both leaders and peers.   Children are dismissed from the sanctuary accompanied by our volunteers, and parents are asked to sign them out immediately following the service.

Mission 567 - Returning this year, this occassional program is offered for children in grades 5 - 7, and is focussed on helping our preteens transition from kids programming into a continual life of faith.  Keep an eye on the newsletter for more information. 

If you haven't yet passed along your family contact information, or if you have any questions about our Children's programming, please reach out to or speak with Pastor Kyla.