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Sunday June 18th marks the final Sunday in our regular Sunday morning children's programming.

We have had a delightful year connecting with the children of Graceland and Rainbow Room as they discover who God is, and develop a relationship with God through prayer, story, and creative expression.   Thank you for sharing your children with us!  

And thank you also to our amazing team of volunteers. They have faithfully served week after week to ensure our children are well cared for and experiencing God's unconditional love.  I am sure you can appreciate that we think they deserve some extended time off of the kids ministry schedule during the summer season.

Beginning on Sunday, June 25th, we will serve our children's community by offering FAMJAM programming.  

FAMJAM is our summer programming for children 2 years - completed grade 2.  It is a relaxed family-style environment with opportunities for kids to play, explore, listen to the stories of our faith, and move their bodies outdoors.  

Our FAMJAM program will meet in the Graceland area at the usual kids dismissal time.  It is helpful if you ensure your children have sunscreen on and, if preferred, a water bottle labelled with their name.