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As a faith community we are engaged in the work of disicpling all the time.  We do this in obvious ways and in more organic ways.  The hope we hold for our congregants is that everyone will see themselves as being discipled, and being a discipler.  In this way we would truly be spurring one another on to follow Jesus by embodying the goodness and graciousness of God.  

As part of our commitment to this discipleship culture at VAC, we are experimenting with what staff in this area may look like.  We are delighted to announce that we have hired Nick Olsen to serve temporarily in the part time role of Disicpleship Intern.  Nick comes to us fresh off his final summer serving at Camp Imadene.  He is well experienced in developing relationship with those he leads, and has a heart and passion to see the ministry of VAC be strengthened.   He has been a part of our kids minsitry, youth ministry, and worship minsitry teams for years, and we are excited to see how this role may stretch and grow us all.