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Many of you are already aware that Pastor Bekah is expecting, and will be stepping into her maternity leave after church on Sunday August 13th.  We are excited for both Mark and Bekah at this special milestone and want to honour Pastor Bekah well as she heads on her temporary leave.  Many have been asking how they can celebrate and support this young family who have contributed so much to the community we enjoy at VAC.  

So here are a few ways you may want to send your love and support to Pastor Bekah and Mark as they embark on the parenthood journey:

  • pray for them - send your love through spoken, written, or silent prayers
  • celebrate them with us Sunday August 13th - join us for worship and then plan to stay a little bit afterward to share some cupcakes and pass along your well wishes in person
  • contribute to a group gift - if you would like to send a financial contribution to a larger group gift, you are welcome to either bring cash to the church office this Sunday, August 6th, OR you can e-transfer directly to Pastor Kyla by no later than Thursday, August 10th, (etransfer email is:
  • drop off a gift +/or a card - we know some of you have already prepared something to share with this young family.  If you would like us to get it to them, please drop it off to the church office before Thursday, August 10th. 

We're sure you can appreciate that taking leave from a faith community is unique.  Join us in helping this young family get the rest and restoration they will need by directing your communications through our church office, to Andrea Hall, our new temporary Ministry Manager at  Thank you.