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The writer of Ecclesiastes said "There’s a season for everything and a time for every matter under the heavens." (Ecc 3:1)

The wisdom writer knew what a few of our amazing volunteers have recently expressed to our team - things may last for a very long time, but there is a season to everything.  It is with this in mind that we give thanks for some folks who have served this faith community for a lengthy season and then some. 

Les Smith has served our community in various roles over the decades, but most recently as the Chair of our facility committee.  He has faithfully and quietly entered the building weekly to ensure things are working smoothly and efficiently, addressing needs and concerns as they arise.  He has done so with little need to direct attention his way, rather he has consistently directed attention to the Lord and Saviour he loves and serves.  Les stepped down from this role this month after many, many seasons.  We are so grateful for his partnership over the years in this role and others.  

John Wenman has been a consistent name on every volunteer schedule for longer than any of us can recall.  He has served as elder, treasurer, kids min volunteer, Barnabas Chair, 55+ leader, Men's prayer and Men's ministry leader, Spring Cleans participant, Gardener, Counter, Greeter, Prayer ministry member  - and  there is likey more unseen than seen! It has been a joy to watch John serve with a spirit of humility and compassion.  While John is stepping down from his formal leadership roles, it is assured that he will continue to be a blessing to the Body of Christ, as his service continues in informal yet impactful ways.  We are so grateful that John has chosen this community to encourage with his God-given gifts.

For the seasons that have past, and for the seasons that lay before us all, we are grateful that God has drawn us alongside each other to know the joy and encouragement that is released through the practice of service one to another.   May Jesus continue to be glorified as we give thanks.

Jesus, we are so grateful for the way Les and John have modelled Your servant heart among us at Victoria Alliance.  Please continue to encourage them and sustain them as they serve in informal roles, with hearts ever fixed on loving You and Your Body well.  Amen.