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As part of our ongoing work to keep good order in our governance and organization, we are asked by the District Office to review and update our bylaws every 5 years.  Our Bylaw Review Committee has been hard at work throughout 2023, and presents to our membership the new bylaws (below) for your consideration and eventual adoption, scheduled for the AGM held on March 17, 2024 at Victoria Alliance Church. 

In an effort to help our members be informed on this important work, we have arranged two helpful tools:

First, you will find below a Decision Profile that gives the background, process, and details of our Bylaw Review Process.  This tool is intended to give a member all the necessary information to make a decision at the upcoming AGM regarding the adoption of these new bylaws.

Second, we have arranged a time for a Bylaw Chat following the church service on Sunday, February 25th.  This casual engagement will allow VAC members to interact with members of the Bylaw Review Committee and the Board to ask any questions they may have regarding the upcoming motion to adopt the new bylaws.

It is our hope that you will feel you have adequate time and the tools you need to make an informed decision at our upcoming AGM.  If you have any furter questions, please feel free to email Pastor Kyla.