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Are you looking to have an amazing workplace experience this summer? 

Are you hoping to be given opportunities to develop in your leadership and confidence?  

Are you someone who brings all you are to a team environment?

Are you under 30 years of age?

Come work for us this summer!

We are excited to announce that we have been approved for funding through the Canada Summer Jobs program! This means we are hiring for 5 Summer positions this year.   Please consider who you know who may be a great fit for our team and let them know!

We are seeking team members for the following roles:

Summer Communications Coordinator (8 weeks, flexible start dates, June - Aug)

Summer Video Training Developer  (8 weeks, flexible start dates, June - Aug) 

Summer Family Ministry Team Leader (8 Weeks, July 11 - Sept 4) 

Summer Family Ministry Leader - 2 positions (8 Weeks, July 11 - Sept 4)

To apply please submit your resume and cover letter to  All applications close by May 29th, or upon successfully filling the position. 

Download full job descriptions below.

Please note: These jobs are created in line with Canada Student Employment grants, and therefore all
applicants must be between 15 – 30 years old at the beginning of the work commitment, (we have some roles that require 19+) and meet the qualifications. We place great value in diversity and developing young leaders at VAC. Preference will be given to the applicant who demonstrates strongest compatibility and for whom this position would give the greatest hand up in the journey of their career, which includes those who are underrepresented in church leadership and ministry roles.