Moving from occasional "visits" toward regular engagement in our Sunday morning gatherings is a wonderful step in growing both faith and community.

For many people a helpful next step is to get connected with a small group.  These are typically gatherings of about 6 - 8 people weekly, or every other week.  In small groups you have the opportunity to listen to the ideas of others, engage with helpful Bible teaching, and find a place to ask your questions, all while building relationships with others in the group. Many of our groups are continuing to meet via Zoom.  For more information on small groups click here.

One of the best ways to walk with us as a community is to become involved in one of our service teams.  The joy that comes from walking side by side with other volunteers at Victoria Alliance is immeasurable - and sure to add some spring to your step.  We have ministry teams for all kinds - Community Outreach, Guest Services, Music and Tech, Special Events Team, Children's Ministry, Daycamp, Facility Team, Missions Minsitry - to name just a few! To get connected with one of our ministry teams for a trial run, email the church office today.

Exploring the many ministries within our faith community can be a great way to walk with us.  As you look over the listings, be open to how you might be an encourager to a ministry - or encouraged by a ministry!  See something that interests you?  Let us know how we can help to connect you.

Still interested in a little bit more?  Did you know we offer online courses?  You can build confidence in how to read the Bible, explore who Jesus is, and even learn more about the next steps of faith when you enroll in one of our TrainedUp courses.  

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More Questions about Next Steps? Ask us.

Drop us a quick note. Introduce yourself and let us know how we might draw alongside you in this season.  We would love to connect with you.