For the past several years at Victoria Alliance Church, we have been seeking God's vision for how we can best be making Jesus known among us, around us, and beyond us specifically with our building. In November 2019, VAC membership approved the first phase of a larger proposed project for renovation of the church facility. In an ideal situation, we would have sought approval for the full project concept at that time. However, there were time pressures that led us to need to limit our discussions to a first phase only.

With Phase 1 underway, we seek to make wise decisions to ensure our choices now will meet the requirements of the full project. At our last GM we heard a high level of support and enthusiasm for the full project. As such, we now move through the next formality in our structure, and welcome a conversation and decision about the full project. 

Please take this opportunity to download the PDF  and watch our video gallery below to be fully informed as to what our next steps look like.

Any questions or comments are gratefully received by email to