For the past several years at Victoria Alliance Church, we have been seeking God's vision for how we can best be making Jesus known among us, around us, and beyond us specifically with our building. In November 2019, VAC membership approved the first phase of a larger proposed project for renovation of the church facility. In an ideal situation, we would have sought approval for the full project concept at that time. However, there were time pressures that led us to need to limit our discussions to a first phase only.

With Phase 1 underway, we sought to make wise decisions to ensure our choices now will meet the requirements of the full project. At our last 2019 GM we heard a high level of support and enthusiasm for the full project. As such, at a 2020 GM we made moves through the next formality in our structure, and welcomed a conversation and decision about the full project. The proposal was to adopt some Overall Project Goals, rather than specific plans.  The Overall Project Goals were adopted in the fall of 2020, and the Project Committee was empowered to take the necessary steps toward their eventual completion. More details can be found about that process as you download the PDF  and watch our video gallery below.

In April 2021, a significant opportunity arose to purchase an adjacent property to expand our church property package, and help address some of our needs as we seek to increase the capacity on our current site.  You can find information regarding this development in our information package available here. 

As we head into 2023, the Project Committee has undertaken a few next steps.  One is to begin what we are calling Phase 2 - a Preconstruction Phase.  In Phase 2,  we will engage a consultant architect to develop more detailed plans and cost estimates for the balance of the project.  Alongside this step we are also working to re-engage our faith community in the project.  Many of our faces have changed since initial decisions were made, so we are hosting some information sessions that will help to cast the vision for our facility, share architectural sketches, and answer any questions as they arise.  Please consider joining us on Sundays Jan 15, &/or Jan 22 before or after morning services. 

Our most up to date information package and FAQ can be downloaded here.

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